NZPBRA is an active champion of:

  • Forage Industry Strategy – to grow the sustainability and profitability of individual farmers and the long-term prosperity of New Zealand by increasing the value of forage grown on New Zealand farms.  See the attached:-  Chairman’s letter ;       Forage Discussion Document November 2017  Forage Strategy short summary 2017
  • A regulatory environment favourable to research into, development of and trialing of new plant technology considered to be of potential benefit to New Zealand primary industries.
  • Greater freedom to import new plant material, within the boundaries of New Zealand’s biosecurity measures, that is not detrimental to this country’s human health, environment or international obligations and is considered to be of potential benefit to the New Zealand primary sector.
  • Continued legislative protection in New Zealand for intellectual property rights pertaining to plant varieties via the Plant Variety Rights Act and supporting regulatory instruments.
  • Continued uptake by New Zealand farmers of advanced arable and pastoral species for their own and the country’s economic benefit.
  • Increased Government recognition of the contribution to the New Zealand economy by NZPBRA members’ activities, expressed in the form of greater government support for private sector plant breeding and research.

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